🎆 Happy New Year! December winners, January 2023 prompt words and more

Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone who helped make 2022 special! First and foremost, thanks to everyone who wrote with us at @horrorprompt and @haikuprompt. It’s a pleasure and an honor to inspire works of horror from so many creative minds. This year, @NarlenBrando and @mrremoraman, joined me as permanent co-hosts and I couldn’t be happier to have them on board. I hope you’ll join us in 2023 for our weekly #HorrorPromptAwards Twitter Spaces where we celebrate the most terrifying tweets of the week. Thanks to everyone who nominated tweets this year and helped us celebrate the horrors.

Special thanks to @Matthew_DS9, for his musical contributions, to @mrremoraman and @TheVoidGospel, for their wicked #horrorprompt mug designs and gasmask art, and to everyone else who shared #horrorprompt art with us.

The first #horrorprompt Poetry and Prose anthology was published on Halloween. Read work from the 25 contributing authors when you download your free copy today!

Congratulations to our #Mugtober merch winners and massive thanks to my Patrons and all of my supporters for making this possible.

Here’s to a terrific and inspired 2023!


🏆 December 2022 #HorrorPromptAwards winners

Shoutout to the nominators!

Thank you to Mrremoraman @mrremoraman, Mistress Of Spooky And Spice @LauraHuntley79, That Burnt Writer @ThatBurntWriter, Jaime B @jaim_ee_bree, Fizzy AllsortsOfAllsorts @Fizzytwizler, Necro @NarlenBrando, Matthew_NCC1701 @Matthew_DS9, BlackBiJewess @msbimia, and Rixari @PoetrybyRixari for nominating December’s most terrifying tweets! Here are your winners:

#HorrorPromptAwards #40 – December 4

#HorrorPromptAwards #41 – December 11

#HorrorPromptAwards #42 – December 18

#HorrorPromptAwards #44 – December 25

January 2023 Horror Writing Prompts


1Rixari @PoetrybyRixari958cackle
2Randy Graf @RandyGrafCanada959viscous snarl
3Edward Fuller @fuller_edward960constriction
4Mara Sky @saccharinething961ringmaster
5Ian Parkin @parkini422962spores
6Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc @TheDamesSwamp963loss
7Zen Grabs @ZenGrabs964malison
8Mistress Of Spooky And Spice @LauraHuntley79965tarot cards
9kat @katiemaver966phantasm
10Ems @ArtsyEms967curse
11Hannibal King @Hanniba1KIN8968beast
12Nova @eel1602969scabrous
13amcii cullum @leftybookophile970terror-sealed throat
14Unicyclesteve @unicyclesteve971grainy
15RoxannaWrites @AutumnsCrone972encroach
16вríttαnч @LateAndConfused973snow
17Mrremoraman @mrremoraman974Formorians
18I Am a Witch, Not Your Wife @laylathepaganB975rattlesnake
19Darla @DarlaV976sanguine
20OCDalvey @ocdalvey977meat jelly
21Jaime B @jaim_ee_bree978immature
22The Faceless Poet @ZeroSumGame8979status quo
23Shane @RShaneThomas980stiletto
24Stuart Brkn Johns @StuartBrknJohns981abstract delusion
25Drabblecast Twabbles @DCtwabbles982unite
26BizyBarbara @BizyBarbara983willow tree
27Rixari @PoetrybyRixari984maunder
28Randy Graf @RandyGrafCanada985rotting
29Unicyclesteve @unicyclesteve986bilge
30Ian Parkin @parkini422987scab
31Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc @TheDamesSwamp988forest of hate


1Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc @TheDamesSwamp526menaced
2Mistress Of Spooky And Spice @LauraHuntley79527raging silence
3kat @katiemaver528lurking
4Ems @ArtsyEms529microchip
5amcii cullum @leftybookophile530gut-twisting anxiety
6RoxannaWrites @AutumnsCrone531mortuary
7Mrremoraman @mrremoraman532Mnemosyne
8I Am a Witch, Not Your Wife @laylathepaganB533boots
9Jaime B @jaim_ee_bree534hell-bound
10Drabblecast Twabbles @DCtwabbles535violence
11BizyBarbara @BizyBarbara536pressure
12Rixari @PoetrybyRixari537haruspex
13Randy Graf @RandyGrafCanada538fetid
14Ian Parkin @parkini422539tripod
15Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc @TheDamesSwamp540lecherous
16Mistress Of Spooky And Spice @LauraHuntley79541curled claws
17Ems @ArtsyEms542feces
18amcii cullum @leftybookophile543suppressed a shiver
19Unicyclesteve @unicyclesteve544keen
20RoxannaWrites @AutumnsCrone545liturgy
21Mrremoraman @mrremoraman546corrosive
22I Am a Witch, Not Your Wife @laylathepaganB547fingernails
23Jaime B @jaim_ee_bree548skin and bones
24Drabblecast Twabbles @DCtwabbles549whispers
25BizyBarbara @BizyBarbara550door
26Rixari @PoetrybyRixari551traduce
27Randy Graf @RandyGrafCanada552demonic
28Unicyclesteve @unicyclesteve553fleece
29Ian Parkin @parkini422554grating
30Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc @TheDamesSwamp555trifling
31Mistress Of Spooky And Spice @LauraHuntley79556bewitching

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