✍ Horror Writing Prompts (May 8-14)



Date no. #horrorprompt Contributor
8 1085 sinning Mistress Of Spooky And Spice @LauraHuntley79
9 1086 cheeky little cottontail вríttαnч @LateAndConfused
10 1087 unhealthy Jay @Jay_de4uture
11 1088 distance Daily Haiku @DailyHaiku575
12 1089 incinerate PinkAngelMystic @PinkAngelMystic
13 1090 turbid Rixari @PoetrybyRixari
14 1091 roots Ems @ArtsyEms



8653cliffsideBizyBarbara @BizyBarbara
9654theogonyMatthew_NCC1701 @Matthew_DS9
10655vacantJessica Laymon @JessicaELaymon
11656troglodyteDizzyChickStar @dwjohnson80
12657bloody entrailsKim Plasket @KimPlasket
13658distraughtjames mullen @narwhals9
14659bread knifeMistress Of Spooky And Spice @LauraHuntley79

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