✍ Horror Writing Prompts (May 22-28)



Date no. #horrorprompt Contributor
22 1099 arthropod Matthew_NCC1701 @Matthew_DS9
23 1100 sewn Jessica Laymon @JessicaELaymon
24 1101 sensuous DizzyChickStar @dwjohnson80
25 1102 screaming Kim Plasket @KimPlasket
26 1103 crass james mullen @narwhals9
27 1104 Victorian Mistress Of Spooky And Spice @LauraHuntley79
28 1105 tend the garden вríttαnч @LateAndConfused



22667pulverisedRose Bundy @RoseBundy5
23668too much comfortamcii cullum @leftybookophile
24669gagUnicyclesteve @unicyclesteve
25670mountainBizyBarbara @BizyBarbara
26671circumstellarMatthew_NCC1701 @Matthew_DS9
27672orificeJessica Laymon @JessicaELaymon
28673oozingDizzyChickStar @dwjohnson80

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