Poetry & Prose

She spies
With her little eyes
Something evil
Wicked & vile

It drags her breath
From ancient places
Behind glass mirrors
And unseen spaces

She spies
With her little eyes
Something live
Writhing inside

December 6, 2021

It always felt
Like it would be
An eternity

Until it wasn’t
And now I sulk
Without thee

December 4, 2021

Subsonic journey
Over rolling clouds
Sudden distress

Fireball down
Mothers and fathers
Families fall

To the bottom
Lost at Sea
Lost to me

December 4, 2021

Standing on the precipice
She leans close to the edge
Looking down at the valley below

Like insects, her friends walk
Each one follows the next
No one deviates

Until that fateful day
When she decided
To join them

November 15, 2021

In this shallow grave
Bury me in your warm Earth
Send me back to her

JULY 4, 2021

She’s dancing alone
Under the moon
Kicking up dust
A smoky cocoon

Her resonance travels
Like flowing streams
To quiet shores
In blacklight dreams

July 4, 2021