💀 About PG

PG Patey is a creative Canadian who loves horror. In May 2016, he created #horrorprompt on Twitter to inspire and celebrate written works of horror from writers around the globe. In March 2021, he created #haikuhorrorprompt and challenged writers to fit their ideas in the 5-7-5 syllable format.

Follow @horrorprompt and @haikuprompt for daily writing inspiration. Submit prompt words of your own and watch as writers transform them into works of horror! Nominate the most terrifying tweets for the #HorrorPromptAwards🏆

In April 2021, PG published THE UNKINDNESS, a scary short story about a young boy, his best friend, and a group of otherworldly ravens. Read or Listen to Part 1 now!

✍☕ February 2023 Horror Writing Prompts, Merch Giveaway

🙏 Thank you! Thanks to everyone who helped us kick off 2023 by writing terrifying tweets and horrifying haikus. Thanks also to everyone who submitted January’s horror writing prompt words, and to my supporters on Patreon, ko-fi, and everyone showing off their #horrorprompt merch. Your support means the world to me 🖤 ✍ #RandyGraFebruary This…

✍☕ #RandyGraFebruary and the March Merch Giveaway!

✍ #RandyGraFebruary This February, all of the horror writing prompts from @horrorprompt and @haikuprompt will come courtesy of Randy Graf @RandyGrafCanada. Randy’s been writing with us since June 2021 and has submitted dozens of prompt words in that time, not to mention all of the terrifying tweets he’s written. If you’re not already following him,…