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­čÄć Happy New Year! December winners, January 2023 prompt words and more

Happy New Year! Thanks to everyone who helped make 2022 special! First and foremost, thanks to everyone who wrote with us at @horrorprompt and @haikuprompt. It’s a pleasure and an honor to inspire works of horror from so many creative minds. This year, @NarlenBrando and @mrremoraman, joined me as permanent co-hosts and I couldn’t beÔÇŽ

­čĆć #HorrorPromptAwards winners! November 2022

Here are the winning tweets! Congratulations to all of our winners, and thanks to everyone who participated! Keep an eye out for weekly #HorrorPromptAwards polls on Twitter and help us choose the next winner!

April 2022 #HorrorPromptAwards­čĆć winners!

Bloodflowers for mylove. An obsession perhaps,made with love and cuts… Originally tweeted by That Burnt Writer ­čç║­čçŽ (@ThatBurntWriter) on April 14, 2022. She wasn’t kidnapped.She didn’t run away.The river thawed.The girl and her Teddy bear Exposed.Preserved in ice.They all knewWho had put her there. Originally tweeted by LauraHuntley (@LauraHuntley79) on April 20, 2022. night ofÔÇŽ

March 2022 #HorrorPromptAwards­čĆć winners!

Illicit wandersHeath a blood-battered pancakeKillings an aged wineEmbellished verdureSaviour a floating revengeNo miracles hereOriginally tweeted by Lexi Lefevre (@LexiIsAWriter) on February 24, 2022. Ripping from stem to sternapex predator needs noexoskeletonOriginally tweeted by That Burnt Writer ­čç║­čçŽ (@ThatBurntWriter) on March 2, 2022. “Moonlight through mesh divided her face into a hundred porcelain segments, her eyesÔÇŽ

February 2022 #HorrorPromptAwards­čĆć winners!

My face plastered in the #viscera of the man – what used to be a man – beneath me, I look up at a world that makes no sense, thoughts that make no sense. I was one once, a man, but no longer. Simply an animal, ravenous and insensate. I feed, and…I am lost. #horrorpromptÔÇŽ

January 2022 #HorrorPromptAwards­čĆć winners!

Helplessly he clings to the radiance in her eyes, all he sees in this dark room that swallows all sensation. He only knows his arms & legs still exist when agony reassures him. His mind swears her lovely gaze is no part of the hands that cut, but his flesh quails. #horrorpromptOriginally tweeted by CassondraÔÇŽ