Hosting break, Publishing agreement, and The #horrorprompt poetry & prose collections

Hosting Break

Writing projects have been coming in faster than they can be completed, which is a good thing, but it means that I don’t have time to properly host @horrorprompt or @haikuprompt. As a result, I’m taking a short break from commenting on everyone’s work. I’ll still be posting new prompts every three days and retweeting entries I like, but I don’t have time for the comments I usually make on everyone’s work. If you’d like to guest-host either prompt, contact me on Twitter and we’ll set up your hosting spot.

Publishing Agreement

One of the reasons I haven’t had time to host the writing prompts is because I’ve been working on an anthology publishing agreement for the #horrorprompt poetry & prose collections. I’ve just about got an agreement ready to share. Once it’s ready to go, I’ll be reaching out to the contributing authors on Twitter to sign off on the agreement. The first collection will be ready to share shortly thereafter. If you’re on the list of contributing authors, you can reach out to me anytime on Twitter to provide me with your email address.

#horrorprompt poetry & prose collections

If the above didn’t give you a sense for how close I am to publishing the first collection, let me tell you that we’re close. Final touches are being made to the anthology publishing agreement now, contributing authors will be contacted on Twitter for their email address, and then the first collection will be ready to share soon afterwards. If you’d like to have your work included in future poetry & prose collections, please reach out to me on Twitter.

Thank you!

PG Patey

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