Artificial Intelligence (AI) creates images from words

If you’ve been watching closely, you already know I recently shared some artwork created by artificial intelligence on Twitter. What you may not know is that this artwork was created using “WOMBO Dream“. No, I’m not being paid to tell you this – I just think it’s pretty cool and that you might like it, too.

Here’s how it works, according to WOMBO: Type in whatever you want to create! — “Alien Space Station”, “City Sunset”, “Rainbow Forest” or anything else you can imagine are just a few of the billions of potential paintings that could be made. Let your creativity take over!

I used three of my most recent poems as prompt words and WOMBO produced the accompanying images. Here’s the first of my poems that I fed to WOMBO:

“She spies
With her little eyes
Something evil
Wicked & vile

It drags her breath
From ancient places
Behind glass mirrors
And unseen spaces

She spies
With her little eyes
Something live
Writhing inside”

December 6, 2021

And here’s the image WOMBO produced from my words:

I fed it this poem next:

“It always felt
Like it would be
An eternity

Until it wasn’t
And now I sulk
Without thee”

December 4, 2021

And WOMBO produced this image:

Finally, I fed it this poem:

“Subsonic journey
Over rolling clouds
Sudden distress

Fireball down
Mothers and fathers
Families fall

To the bottom
Lost at Sea
Lost to me”

December 4, 2021

And WOMBO produced this image:

Cool, right? Get WOMBO here and start creating your own AI-powered images today.

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