Voting for round 1 of the @horrorprompt no. 666 merch giveaway closes Saturday, March 26th.

Congratulations to the nominees! In celebration of @horrorprompt‘s 666th horror writing prompt, my co-host, @NarlenBrando, and I are giving away merch! We’ve selected the top 16 #horrorprompt666 tweets for you to vote on. The winners will go into a final round and that winner will bag some #horrorprompt swag. Follow us on Twitter and cast your votes today!

Nominee no. 1:

Nominee no. 2:

Nominee no. 3:

Nominee no. 4:

Nominee no. 5:

Nominee no. 6:

Nominee no. 7:

Nominee no. 8:

Nominee no. 9:

Nominee no. 10:

Nominee no. 11:

Nominee no. 12:

Nominee no. 13:

Nominee no. 14:

Nominee no. 15:

Nominee no. 16:

Originally tweeted by #horrorprompt (@horrorprompt) on March 20, 2022.

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