#horrorprompt Anthology Contributing Authors

The first #horrorprompt anthology is almost ready to publish! Before the big day, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the authors whose work has made this anthology possible.

Contributing Authors

Alisa Leanne Steele
Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc
Andy Swales
Ash Tudor
Brad Acevedo
Caytlyn Brooke
Fennel Steuert
Fizzy Twizler
I.L. Marsha
Jenn Ryan-Jauregui

Jennifer Patino
Joel R Hunt
Kim Plasket
L. M. Shayle
Mark Giacomin
Mila Hasan
Pippa Phillips
Stephenie F. Olson
Tad Kelson
Ted Vician
Verble Gherulous

Thank you, all, for your work and patience! Watch this space and follow me on Twitter @PGPayT for updates.

#horrorprompt Anthology

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